Menswear Tips: Big Meetings

There are certain clothing details that exude power. We know it’s true that dressing the part can help project a powerful image, but it takes confidence to pull it off.

Today, let’s take a look at some sartorial power moves and I’ll describe simple ways to wear them with confidence.

Bold pinstripes:
Some refer to them as gangster stripes. Do you know why? Gangsters were bold, according to the movies. If you really want to stand out, there’s no better way than wearing pin stripes. Just look at the Yankees. The upscale feel and power of pinstripes lives deep in our collective psyche.

Collar bar:
Collar bars and collar pins are sometimes thought of as accessories reserved for the domain of the “dandy”. But it’s all about context. Worn with a pinstripe suit, a white pin collar shirt with a collar bar projects a strong feeling of confidence and power.

French cuffs:
If you’re going for a powerful look, French cuffs are required equipment. Compared to a simple single button cuff, they’re far more substantial. And they give you an opportunity to showcase a personal flair with your choice of cuff links.

Jeweled or medallion ties:
When dressing to project a “strong” image, there’s a temptation to gravitate towards a solid tie. It’s traditional and quite popular, as a safe choice. While not wrong per-se, it can come off as predictable and boring. Those are not words associated with power and confidence. An eye-catching pattern, on the other hand, sends a much stronger message.